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Studio specifications/information:

Green screen studio specifications: 16 FT. HIGH X 32 FT. WIDE X 60 FT. DEEP

With separate air-conditioned dressing room and private toilet.

Street parking available.

The studio is located at Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines.

Package inclusions:


  1. 1)Green screen studio rental package is for 12 hours.  We will charge Php 2,500 per hour in excess of 12 hours (which already includes equipment and crew, but excludes generator fuel).

    Studio rental is for 12 hours between 7am-10pm only. If overtime is necessary, it should not exceed 12 midnight.


2) Your choice of up to 7 pieces of any of the following lights + 1 Space Light.

    a) Bluehead

    b) 1k open face and fresnels

    c) Kinoflo 20s or Kinoflo 40s (maximum of 4 pcs)

    d) Inky Dinky 300W or 650W

    e) Kinoflo Divalites

    f) LED Lite Panel

Note: HMI lights not included in free lights


3) 100KVA generator set - if client opts for a generator set

If the client needs a bigger generator, the client will pay more than Php 700 per hour.              *Pls. contact us for exact rate. Fuel price may change depending on fuel rate.


  1. 4)Four crew/assistants for lights and generator set

NOTE: Client must coordinate with our barangay (Brgy. San Roque) for the barangay fee if client will need to use a generator.


We can give up to 30% discount on lights, grips, camera and audio on rentals in excess of the inclusions in our package.


We also have Inky 300 up to 12k HMI lights, dolly tracks, cameras (P2 and DVX).


Additional crew will be based on the amount of lights to be added to our package.

If you need a 2nd airconditioned dressing room, this will cost an additional P2,000 per hour.

All the rates on this page are exclusive of 12% VAT.

1)    The client is responsible in disposing their garbage and must bring their own trash bag.

  1. 2)   No smoking in the entire premises, including the studio, dressing room, hallways and 


3)    No liquor allowed.

4)    Persons under the influence of liquor/drugs are prohibited.

5)    Fireworks, explosive devices and similar fire hazards are not allowed.

  1. 6)   We reserve the right to refuse entry to those who do not follow the guidelines or

        commit illegal conduct in the premises.

  1. 7)   The client must pay for any damage or loss they may cause inside the premises.

  2. 8)   If you have an OB Van/Tent set-up outside the premises, you must secure a permit 

        (clearance from Brgy San Roque).

  1. 9)   We have no choice but to follow the 10pm curfew ordinance implemented by the


  1. 10)  Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice in this website.

        Please contact us directly so we can send you a quotation with updated terms.

  1. 11) This is a green screen studio, not an audio recording studio. We cannot guarantee that

        it will be soundproof.

12)  Cooking is NOT allowed in the entire premises.


We wish to provide a safe and clean studio for all our clients, to ensure a conducive work environment with the highest professional service.

Please note that the following rules are strictly enforced in the  green screen studio compound:

Rosh Media Solutions is located at

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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